Hand Care
Barrier Creams

Drains & Waste Disposal
Graffiti Removers
Chewing Gum Removers

Low Fume Range
Solvent Degreasers
Dilutable Degreasers

Petrol Additive
Diesel Additive
Engine Flush

Food Lubricants
Food Process Cleaners
Bactericidal Cleansers
Alkaline Cleansers
High Protein Cleanser
Electrical Engineering
Multi-purpose cleaners and lubricants, Industrial strength moisture displacer, penetrant and light lubricant and an aerospace grade electronic cleaner designed for use on instrumentation, communications and general equipment.
Cutting & Tapping Fluids
Clean, clear extreme pressure lubricants in a range of viscosities and also available as water soluble.
Multi-purpose silicone lubricants which are available in flammable and non-flammable formulations. All available in a variety of formulations in aerosol or liquid form for wire & rope, copper, heavy duty, chain & ball bearings and penetrating lubricants.
Corrosion Preventatives
Available in aerosol and liquid as a highly concentrated zinc compound for long-term protection to iron and steel, a bright finished zinc, aluminium cold galvanising compound and a heavy duty electro-mechanical maintenance fluid to penetrate rust and act as a corrosion preventative.
Maintenance Engineering
Fast fully evaporating solvent cleaner to flush dirt, oils, grease, dust and lint away from electronic and electric equipment such as traction motors, insulators and auto couplers.
Specialist Engineering
Cyanoacrylate adhesives, floor granules, adhesive sprays, leak detectors, tar & bitumen removers and freezer sprays.
Descaling and Concrete Removal
System descaler which removes scale deposits in boilers, condenser pipe work, air conditioning systems and processing lines. Formulations for the removal of cement, concrete & mortar from brickwork, tools and equipment.

Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Maintenance
Exterior Cleaning
Versatile and economical hard surface cleaners, non caustic degreasers with corrosion inhibitors available in foaming and low foam, pressure wash additive for removal of deposits from plant and vehicles. Non caustic pressure wash for removal of mud, oil, grease and road film. Aluminium cleaner specially designed for cleaning and brightening and renovation of aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces and a range of shampoo, with or without wax.
Interior Cleaning
Safe removal of common types of soiling, including nicotine, oil and grease stains from the interior surfaces of all modes of transport from vehicles to aircraft.
General Maintenance
Screenwash, thaw-granules, de-icer, diesel additives, oil dispersants, grease, fuel & oil removers and chemical toilet additives.